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What do Louis Brown, John Craig, Richard Crego, Dennis Greenway, Bruce Greenwood, Don Grissom, Bill Halstead, Lem Harper, Richard Hart, Kevin Madsen, Rick Nixon, Dennis Poole, Gary Riddle, Bob Rowe and Charles Sully have in common?
If you haven't already guessed it, the answer is they all came out to help install our new runway fabric!
And they did a terrific job!  Working together, they installed the fabric in just a little over an hour.  That means rolling out 330 lbs of fabric, applying a sealant strip 100' long and pounding somewhere around 300 staples.  
I gotta admit, the fabric looks really great!  It's straight, the staples are evenly spaced and there are no wrinkles.  
As with every project everyone contributed in different ways.  
First, the project could not have been done without the generous financial contribution of eight of our members.  My thanks goes out to those members.  Your contribution is very much appreciated.  
Two members also put a lot of time and effort into the installation. They are Rick Nixon and Bruce Greenwood.  
Rick made a special effort to do the initial research into the fabric and its installation.  He visited a field that was written up in the AMA magazine and prepared a presentation to the board of directors which included a recommendation of a specific fabric.  
Bruce also visited a field with a fabric installation.  In addition he transported the fabric from Dennis Greenway's business in Suwanee to the field.  He also spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the manufacturer getting the specifics of the fabric, the installation procedures and arranging for shipment.  
Did I mention Dennis Greenway?  Thanks to him, we had a place to receive and store the fabric until we were ready to do the installation.  
We are treading into new territory with the fabric.  Time will tell how useful the fabric will be Hill Top members.  So far the reports have been very positive.  
Pictures are courtesy of Richard Hart, Don Grissom and Rick Nixon.  

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